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इंग्रजी व्याकरण | English Grammar | English Vyakaran

 English Grammar

English Grammar

            English grammar is important for many reasons in School, Collage & Competitive exams like Navoday, Scholarship, TET, CTET, MPSC, UPSC etc and in everyday life. In exams, correct use of grammar improves your writing and communication skills, leading to clearer and more effective expression of ideas. It helps to express your thoughts accurately, which is essential to score well in written assessments. 

            In everyday life, strong grammar skills help with effective communication, whether you're writing emails, chatting with friends, or engaging in business conversations. Correct grammar ensures that your message is understood correctly and reflects your competence. It is an important tool for building strong relationships both personally and professionally.

English Grammar

1Action Verbs
4Add a Question Tag
5Compound Words
6Synonyms Words
7Opposite Words
8Silent Letters
9One Word Substitution

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